Super Boo 5’ Bamboo (1/2”) 250pk

SKU: 5’ Bamboo (1/2”) 250pk  Super Boo Premium Bamboo

Bamboo stakes are the perfect solution for training your trees, vines and plants. Our high-quality, durable and eco-friendly bamboo poles provide the ideal support for your plants as they grow. Choose from our hand-selected bamboo canes in various bundle sizes and lengths to fit your specific gardening needs.

  • An effective and economical means of training vines and other plants
  • Made from natural high quality, hand selected bamboo that is strong and sturdy, providing reliable support for plants as they grow
  • Our most popular option for supporting plants in your garden or crops in agricultural fields
  • Set about one foot in the ground and should be long enough to reach the first wire of the trellis system
  • In general, the diameter measurement is the thick end of the bamboo. Due to the taper there generally is a smaller diameter measurement at the top of the cane. The diameter listed is measured from the thick end of the bamboo stake
  • Bamboo stakes may naturally crack
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