Actinovate® AG 5lb (24 Month)

SKU: 892050420  Fungicide,VIP Pricing
Novozymes Actinovate® AG is a soil or foliar-applied, OMRI-Listed biological fungicide and bactericide for use in disease management for agricultural and greenhouse uses. Enhance your integrated pest management system with a Streptomyces-based biological powerhouse with multiple novel modes of action. Flexible and easy to use, Actinovate products suppress a broad range of soil and foliar diseases across multiple crops. With Actinovate, there’s no risk of developed resistance. It’s safe for pollinators and workers, as well as being maximum-residue limit (MRL)-exempt. OMRI-listed Actinovate is also suitable for organic pest management systems. The product is suitable for outdoor, indoor, nursery, and turf settings.
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