Deep Breath 5 Gallon by Humboldt County's Own

SKU: N/A  Fertilizer/Additive

This Honey based cocktail primes the plant during the vegetative and early bloom. CAN YOU GET CO2 ENRICHMENT WITHOUT USING CO2? Gardeners who know, from hobbyist to commercial, love Deep Breath! Bringing your plants to full size before flowering by providing them with the nutrients they need means higher yields. Begin applying 1 tsp/gallon to cuttings and clones. Foliar feeding every 2 days works even faster. Once cuttings/clones are about 3-4 inches tall and have developed roots, add 1-2 tsp/gallon of nutrient solution and continue through the first week of bloom. Foliar feeding at the rate of 1 tsp. per gallon every 2 days without nutrients is best.

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